The Brigit phenomenon: the revival of a pre-Christian goddess, or an old saint in new clothes?

by Sharon Blackie Brigit is one of the most-loved of the divine or semi-divine females who appear in medieval Irish literature, and one of the most poorly understood. A quick internet search will reveal all kinds of statements about her: she’s a fire goddess, a sun goddess … or, hang on a moment – was […]

The post-heroic journey: where eco-heroine meets eco-hero

by Sharon Blackie In my book If Women Rose Rooted, I described what I called an ‘Eco-Heroine’s Journey’: a kind of antidote to the swashbuckling, all-conquering hero who defines the action-adventure called the ‘Hero’s Journey’, which was first proposed by American mythologist Joseph Campbell several decades ago. In his book The Hero with a Thousand […]