The Hedge School Podcast: Stephen Jenkinson

Today we have an Easter treat for you: a new episode of The Hedge School Podcast. In this episode, Hedge School founder Dr Sharon Blackie interviews teacher and creator of the Orphan Wisdom School, Stephen Jenkinson ( The conversation is focused on what it is to be an elder in today’s world, and on Stephen’s […]

The Hedge School Podcast: a new episode

Today’s special treat: on The Hedge School Podcast, Sharon interviews bestselling writer, author of the ‘Boudica’ series, and ‘shamanic dreaming’ teacher Manda Scott ( The conversation is focused on contemporary shamanic practice, and whether it is possible to recreate an authentic spiritual practice based on what little we know about the traditions followed by our […]

An interview with Andreas Kornevall

Andreas Kornevall grew up in South America, Sweden and Switzerland. He spent several years volunteering with charities around the world, after which he co-founded Working Abroad  – a non-profit volunteering and travelling site. He now directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity, which aims to enhance ecological integrity by planting new woodlands around the world. And in […]

Imbolc: Growing Time

by Joanna Gilar The snowdrops are here, and so, with a few hiccups in the flat muddy ground, are the purple fire crocuses. My eighteen-month-old son crouched down beside our boggy path yesterday, poked the pale shell of an incipient crocus and said, “Hello!” In his mind, perhaps, a multitude of small purple ones had […]

The Brigit phenomenon: the revival of a pre-Christian goddess, or an old saint in new clothes?

by Sharon Blackie Brigit is one of the most-loved of the divine or semi-divine females who appear in medieval Irish literature, and one of the most poorly understood. A quick internet search will reveal all kinds of statements about her: she’s a fire goddess, a sun goddess … or, hang on a moment – was […]

The post-heroic journey: where eco-heroine meets eco-hero

by Sharon Blackie In my book If Women Rose Rooted, I described what I called an ‘Eco-Heroine’s Journey’: a kind of antidote to the swashbuckling, all-conquering hero who defines the action-adventure called the ‘Hero’s Journey’, which was first proposed by American mythologist Joseph Campbell several decades ago. In his book The Hero with a Thousand […]